ATC intellectual property (IP) practice covers contentious and non-contentious matters for trademarks, brand protection, patents, copyright, designs and licensing agreements. ATC has, for several years, been the designated country agent and counsel to numerous foreign clients from all parts of the world for filings, registration, maintenance and protection of their IP portfolio in Nigeria.

Transaction Tombstones:
• ATC represented The Coca Cola Company in the buyout acquisition of trademarks hitherto owned by some local bottlers, viz. “LIMCA” PARLE SODA”; “GOLD SPOT”; and “EVA”’

• In the matter of Olo Chapman vs. Fanta Chapman; ATC represented The Coca-Cola Company to win the Opposition proceedings at the P.T.O tribunal, by successfully proving that “Chapman” had become a generic name for a Nigerian cocktail.

• In the case of Duracell Batteries B.V.B.A vs. McZen Ltd. and Others, ATC represented Duracell Batteries, and succeeded to get a perpetual injunction at the Federal High Court against the class of persons selling Duracell look-alike batteries in black and copper colour combination. This case established a legal precedent in Nigeria to re-affirm IP rights in shapes and colours of goods.

• In the matter of trademark TIDE vs TIDI, ATC Successfully represented Procter and Gamble to restrain Liby-Tidi from producing and marketing “TIDI” branded products, confusingly similar phonetically and in packaging “get-up” to “TIDE”, with respect to the same class of goods.

• ATC represented Procter & Gamble in successful infringement proceedings at the Court of Appeal in the matter of “ARIEL” trademark.

• ATC represented Namaste Laboratories, LLC at the Federal High Court in infringement proceedings in the case Namaste Laboratories, LLC vs. Namaste Afrocentrix Ltd and Others.

> Dear Ladi Taiwo,
Procter & Gamble is one of the leading Intellectual Property
Filers in the world. ……….. You were chosen as our
Preferred Trademark Agent because of your solid reputation
and your quality IP services to P&G”
                                        Steven W. Miller, Vice President, Intellectual Property
                                        Daniele LeCarval, Global Trademarks
                                        Millie Freeman, Sr. Purchasing Manager,
                                        Global Legal Services

The book is titled Inside the Minds: IP Client Strategies in
the Middle East and Africa. Your name has been recommended to
me by our Editorial Department as a thought leader in the practice
area and we think you would be a valuable addition to the book”
                                                                   Caitlin Keiper
                                                                   Publishing Project Manager
                                                                   Thomson Reuters

> “Dear Mr. Taiwo,
It has already been some time since we contacted you for legal
advice in Nigeria. I am the new trademark counsel of Semperit AG
Holding and I would like to direct myself ………………….. to receive
your learned advice ………..”
                                                                   Johann Glantschnig
                                                                   Legal Counsel
                                                                   Semperit AG Holding

This refers to our discussion regarding counterfeits and parallel
imports of Namaste products in Nigeria. We are dealing with Law Firm
Abdulai, Taiwo & Co. in Nigeria for all our IP issues: ………….. I hereby
introduce you to Bunmi Binitie, Partner of Abdulai, Taiwo & Co. who
oversees IP issues”
                                                                   Byrdie Brownridge-Tucker
                                                                   General Legal Counsel
                                                                   Namaste Laboratories, LLC.

>“Abdulai, Taiwo,
As you know, Dabur has a very long association with your company.
Since my joining with Dabur India, I personally too have a very good
experience to work with your company. ……………. we have decided
to directly deal with you for all the matters of Namaste Laboratories
                                                                   Usha Khurana
                                                                   Dabur India

Professional Affiliations
International Trademark Association (INTA); American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA); Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria (IPLAN).