Publications by the firm’s partners include a book entitled “Establishing a Business in Nigeria”
4th Edition, ISBN 978 30065 17 and the following titles in the NIGERIA Practice Notes Series :

“Registration of Trademarks, Patents and Technology Transfer Licences” ISBN 978
     30065 33;

“Privatization of Government Enterprises by Tender and Public Offer” ISBN 978
    30065 84;

“Registration and Regulation of Foreign Investments and Enterprises” 2nd Edition
    ISBN 978 30065 76;

“Law Office Etiquette - Essential Habits of Successful Firms” ISBN 978 30065 68;

“Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Africa” – ISBN 9065449329; published by Juris
    Law Publishers. Ladi Taiwo is author of the chapter on the Legal Aspects of Doing
    Business in Nigeria;

• NIGERIA country report in the international compendium titled: “Corporate
  Acquisitions and Mergers”
, ISBN 1-85333-832-X, published by Kluwer Law
  International ;

• NIGERIA country chapter in the publication titled: “Intellectual Property Law Review”
  ISBN 978-1-90766-34-2, by Law Business Research Limited;

• NIGERIA country report in the book titled: IP Client Strategies in the Middle East and
ISBN 978-0-314-90728-8, published by Aspatore Books. Ladi Taiwo authored
  the chapter titled – “IP Law in Nigeria – New Trends and challenges.”

• NIGERIA country chapter in the international compendium titled.
  “International Corporate Law” ISBN 1- 58762-221-1 published by Aspatore Books